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01-16-2021, 06:49 PM
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01-16-2021, 06:35 PM
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01-16-2021, 06:19 PM
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01-15-2021, 09:31 PM
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Information 5. RosharMC Staff
Posted by: Nightwielder - 01-16-2021, 06:49 PM - Forum: Official Roshar Threads - No Replies

Roshar Staff

1: Owner, Lord Ruler, and Immortal God-King
  • Nightwielder_
2: Administrators
  • Borak
  • ChefBoyadee
  • ZEDpower
3: Moderators
  • Da_Dj
  • IsabelleTP [inactive]
  • Sia_Cat [inactive]
4: Assistant Moderators
  • Nicholas74
  • Topdawghemant
  • Tybalt
5: Builders
  • PositiveZe

Any caught impersonating staff will be banned without appeal. Email night@rosharshop.com if you suspect abuse of power. Do not waste my time.

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Information 4. VIP Rank Rules
Posted by: Nightwielder - 01-16-2021, 06:35 PM - Forum: Official Roshar Threads - No Replies

VIP Rank Rules

1: Basics
  • Don't sell taxi services.
  • Don't assume that donating excludes you from server rules
  • Please ensure you have a good password. Your account is now desirable
  • More rules will be added as we renovate our rank system in the coming weeks.

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Information 3. Game Modding
Posted by: Nightwielder - 01-16-2021, 06:19 PM - Forum: Official Roshar Threads - No Replies

Game Modifications

1: Blanket Statements
  • If you are unsure whether a mod is permitted, ask in the questions & help sub-forum and staff will get back to you.
  • As stated in game rules, no cheats, hacks, or exploits of any kind are permitted. Even if you think you are getting away with cheating, our staff and anti-cheat will find and ban you.
2: Specifically Allowed Modifications
  • GUI mods such as JEI, Neat, and similar cosmetic mods that don't provide an unfair advantage.
  • If you want to use an inventory sorting mod, ask for approval so staff can check that our anti-cheat will not flag it.
  • Texture packs and shaders. We recommend Sildurs Extreme Shaders with the programmer texture pack.
  • Xaero's Minimap (Fair-play Edition)
  • Optifine
3: Specifically Banned Modifications
  • Any map mods with radar or cavemap functionality, even if you turn it off. Use fair play editions or a mod without that functionality.
  • Any building schematic mods that show you exactly where to place each block.
  • Any mod that alters game mechanics in any way. This includes map downloaders, x-ray mods, speed, fly and jump mods, instant mining, tracer, extreme enchants, invisible mods, sneak mods, and teleportation mods.
  • Any hacked client that allows auto-reconnect or has built in cheats (we can detect which client you use and our anti-cheat will flag and ban your account).

These guidelines are subject to modification at any time with no notification. Ensure that you read and understand our general rules and game rules before playing on RosharMC. Direct inquiries about these rules to our questions sub-forum.

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Information 1. General Rules
Posted by: Nightwielder - 01-15-2021, 09:31 PM - Forum: Official Roshar Threads - No Replies

General Roshar Rules

1: Basic Code of Conduct
  • Don't be an asshole. Private messages and transactions are logged.
  • Do not discuss other discord or Minecraft servers, do not invite players to join you in another server. No advertising of any kind is permitted on this server. This includes private messages to other players.
  • You may curse but keep it civil and don't spam. Don't be annoying.
  • Swearing is permitted, derogatory terms are not. No racism, homophobia, sexism, etc.
  • Send posts and messages to the correct categories. Keep memes to forum games or #memes in discord.
  • Do not beg for free items or ranks.
  • Don’t scam people. Don’t take advantage of new players and give them horrible deals.
  • No account sharing.
  • Never impersonate staff.
  • Do not post any pornographic content or anything containing nudity anywhere on Roshar.
2: Housekeeping
  • You are only allowed to have one account. Do not make secondary forum, discord, or game accounts. You must notify staff if you have multiple players using the same IP address.
  • VPNs and proxies are never permitted.
  • English only in public channels and sub-forums
  • To prevent confusion, your nickname in discord must match your IGN
3: Important Policies
  • If you are banned from discord, you are also banned from the server.
  • Break the rules, deal with the punishment. If you are banned or muted, don’t go to another staff member. Work it out with the one that dealt the punishment. If you think the staff member is abusing their power, you may directly contact me via night@rosharshop.com.
  • Suggestions may be submitted via Discord #suggestions
4: How to Get Permanently Banned without Appeal
  • Maliciously attack our server in any way
  • Ignore our warnings or ban appeal policy
  • Exhibit severe racism, homophobia, transphobia, or sexism
  • Attempt to evade a ban, temporary or permenent
  • Talk shit about our staff

These rules are subject to modification at any time with no notification. Ensure that you read and understand our general rules and game rules before playing on RosharMC. Direct inquiries about the rules to our questions sub-forum.

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Pinned Nightwielder_ - Stealing From Other Faction Members - ExampleIGN
Posted by: Nightwielder - 01-15-2021, 03:29 AM - Forum: Ban Appeals - No Replies

If you receive this ban message [b]and your minecraft username is ExampleIGN:[/b]

[Image: ban-msg.JPG]
...then this is an appropriate ban appeal (do not include screenshot in actual appeal):

Username: ExampleIGN
Ban Date: 15.01.2021
Ban Message: Stealing from other faction members
Ban ID: 111
Apology: I'm very sorry that I took items from my faction mates. I saw an unlocked chest and stole from my other players in a moment of weakness. This will not happen again. I will wait for you to respond and I won't send you forum messages about this ban appeal. I won't try to log into the server while this ban is still open (evade my ban). If you do not see this today, I will only bump one time every 24 hours.

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Exclamation Ban Appeals [README BEFORE POSTING]
Posted by: Nightwielder - 01-13-2021, 03:10 AM - Forum: Ban Appeals - No Replies

============[Ban Appeals]============

If you are reading this, there is a high chance that you are banned or you are just checking out the ban appeals section. If you are banned, you must carefully read this thread before posting your appeal or it will be denied without consideration.

When you are banned, you have a chance to appeal—unless your ban messages instructs you otherwise. If you follow the correct format and do not break procedure, as outlined below, the staff member who banned you will accept or reject your appeal.

If you are not banned and were not involved in another player's ban, do not post in this forum or reply to ban appeals. Do not panic if you were banned by console and legitimately did not cheat. False positives happen and we will uncover the truth.


  1. Only the staff member that banned you can process you appeal. Do not attempt to appeal to other staff, only the staff member who banned you may unban you. If you appeal to other staff members, your appeal will be denied.
  2. Do not attempt to evade a ban. Use of a VPN or alternate accounts will eliminate any possibility of an approved ban appeal.
  3. Don't try to bribe us. If you've purchased a rank or plan to purchase a rank, this does not give you any immunity to the rules or advantage in ban appeals. Rules are rules.
  4. This forum is the only way you can appeal your ban. Do not message staff for status updates or appeals. Do not ask a friend to get involved on your behalf—they'll just get a warning for breaking the rules.
  5. You must follow the format below to have your appeal considered.


You must format your appeal correctly or your post will be ignored.

Thread Subject:
  • "Staff Member - Ban Message - Your Username"
Thread Body:
  • Username:
  • Ban Date:
  • Ban Message:
  • Ban ID:
  • Apology:
Do not make excuses. Do not blame it on family member unless you have explicit proof that you can provide in your appeal. Do not ask others to get involved on your behalf.

Unappealable Bans:

You cannot appeal your ban if:
  • Your ban messages informs you that you cannot appeal
  • You've made a previous appeal that was denied
  • Your ban is temporary and expires in under a week
  • Your forum account is banned. Do not make more forum accounts or ask your friends to get involved
  • You attempted to hack the server

Final Notes:

Doing the following may result in a permanent ban without appeal:
  • Privately message staff with your appeal or ask for your appeal status
  • Talk shit about staff members
  • Attempt to turn staff against each other
  • Posting a fake account name to remove a IP ban 
  • Bump your post within 24h
  • Log into game on another account (ban evasion)
  • Lie in your ban appeal

If you are still 100% sure you have done nothing wrong, we can extend our investigation, however, if you have done something against the rules this investigation will surely uncover it.

If you suspect that a staff member is breaking the rules, you may email me directly: night@rosharshop.com. Do not waste my time. If you use this email to attempt to bypass a legitimate ban decision or complain, your future appeals will be denied without exception.

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  Kicking from faction bug
Posted by: Lucius9 - 01-10-2021, 11:07 AM - Forum: Questions & Help - Replies (1)

Greetings. Yesterday my friend and I created a faction called Temeria. Today, however, it would seem that we are both kicked from it, and thus all land has been unclaimed. I have created another faction for now but I do fear it shall happen again, considering something similar has happened with at least 1 other faction, belonging to _marama_. My in-game name is Lucius9 and a fix would be much appreciated, as I should like to play with more friends on this server.

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Information 2. Game Rules
Posted by: Nightwielder - 12-28-2020, 06:21 PM - Forum: Official Roshar Threads - No Replies

Official Game Rules

1: Basics
  • Do not grief builds or steal items. No killing animals in another factions land. Do not join a faction and take items without permission.
  • You may loot unclaimed bases. If you find a locked chest, request a lockette removal: https://rosharshop.com/lockette
  • Don’t scam people or give new players horrible deals. Don't take advantage of pricing errors.
  • Avoid butterfly clicking or you may be flagged by our anticheat.
  • You must join discord to play: https://rosharshop.com/discord
  • Don't build 1x1 towers in the sky.
  • Never abuse giveaways events or game play mechanics, such as our playtime rewards.
2: Game Modifications
  • No game altering mods are permitted.
  • Resource packs and shaders are permitted.
  • No cheats, hacks, or exploits of any kind are permitted. This includes any modifications that allow you to automatically rejoin after an AFK kick and any resource pack designed to give you an advantage in the game.
  • If you intend to use forge or fabric mods, you must ensure that your mod is allowed: https://rosharshop.com/modding
3: Lag Prevention and AFK
  • Redstone clocks are permitted, but you do not leave them running when you leave the server.
  • Semi-automatic farms only; full-auto farms are not permitted. This means that you can setup a farm to severely damage mobs, but you strike the final blow.
  • AFK farms are strictly forbidden.
  • No hopper tubes are permitted. Do not have a hopper feed directly into another hopper. You may use up to two hoppers with a chest in between
  • Water flushing dark room XP farms that use dispensers or piston-blocked water tiles are not permitted.
  • Pigman Farms cannot have more than eight portals.
  • Factions cannot have more than 16 of each animal.
4: Lockettes
  • To protect your items, use lockettes. Even if you lose access to the land, you can request a staff member assist you in retrieving your items. Make a lockette by placing a sign on your container or door; your username should automatically fill.
  • You have 7 days to request assistance if you have left your faction, and 14 days if you were kicked from the faction or banned from the server. If you do not get your items moved within the time frame, your items can be rightly claimed by the faction with a staff member's assistance.
  • If you remain inactive for 31 days and your faction is disbanded, anyone can claim your items with a lockette removal request.
  • Request lockette removals and read the full policies here: https://rosharshop.com/lockette
5: Faction Rules
  • Staff will not enforce faction specific rules. You may not create faction rules that conflict with game rules.
  • Faction land belongs to the faction. Players cannot "own" land. Players who buy or are gifted land from other players are receiving it for their faction. This land is managed at the sole discretion of the faction's current leader and faction policies.
  • Factions will be disbanded after a month of inactivity.
  • If your faction leader is banned, you can request a kick of the banned faction leader 14 days after the ban.
  • Factions that have fallen beneath their allotted claims may have their land unclaimed by an admin at any time by the admin's discretion.

These rules are subject to modification at any time with no notification. Ensure that you read and understand our general rules and game rules before playing on RosharMC. Direct inquiries about the rules to our questions sub-forum.

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  Lockette Removal Requests [README]
Posted by: Nightwielder - 12-28-2020, 06:07 PM - Forum: Lockette Removal - No Replies

Rules for Lockette Removal Requests

  • Banned players: Once a player is banned, we allow them 14 days before we will remove their lockettes. This allows them a reasonable amount of time to make an appeal. Once the 14 days are up we will remove their lockettes at the request of the faction leader/officers. If the 14 days are up but the player has an open or successful appeal, lockettes will not be removed till the appeal is closed. Check the status of a player with /seen <player> ***NOTE: We WILL NOT remove lockettes of players banned for Xraying, glitching/duplicating items, or any other similar form of cheating***
  • Kicked from a faction: If a player is kicked from a faction, we allow them 14 days to get their belongings moved. This is to prevent factions from recruiting and kicking members just to get their items. A player has several means of moving their items, they can request help from staff in game, in discord (do not tag idle staff members), or here in this thread. You must follow the format listed below in red. Any lockettes that remain after the 14 days will be removed at the request of the faction leader/officers.
  • Leaving a faction: If a player voluntarily leaves their faction, they have 7 days to move their things out of that faction. Any lockettes that remain after 7 days will be removed at the request of the faction leader/officers.
  • Inactive players: Lockettes from inactive players will continue to be automatically removed after 31 days of inactivity. The lockettes that do not automatically expire after 31 days can be requested to be removed. Remember to always do /seen <player> to determine how long a player has been inactive before you ask staff to remove a lockette.
  • Lockettes in wilderness: Lockettes in wilderness do not have their own rules, they will follow the above guidelines. 
Lockette Request Form:
     Use this format when posting a request to have lockettes removed from your faction.
  • In-game name:
  • Reason for request: (choose: Inactive player, player left faction, player was kicked from faction, or banned player)
  • Name on the lockettes to be removed:
  • Faction name:
  • Coordinates: (if available: x y z, do not specify, eg. -211 66 318)
  • Number of lockettes to be removed:
Requesting your items be moved:
     Use this form to retrieve items from your old faction. You must post the request within 14 days of leaving.
  • In-game name:
  • Reason: (choose: Left my faction or kicked from faction)
  • Faction name:
  • Coordinates: (if available)
If you're not posting a request, DO NOT post here. Direct your questions/concerns regarding lockette policy to a staff member, or make a post in Questions and Help. This post will be edited any time there is an update to these policies. 

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